I grew up in Northern California, spent some time in Central Oregon where met my beautiful wife. Shortly after, I joined the United States Marine Corps and had the privilege of defending our country while getting to see some amazing places around the globe which. After six years I took those skills and leadership traits acquired in the Marines and moved into the telecommunications industry where I have held roles in IT, Operations, Sales Operations, Business Development, Sales, Product Management and Marketing. Over those 20+ years I moved east from California, to Texas, North Carolina and eventually New Hampshire. I am lucky enough to have the means to be able to travel personally and through work which gives me plenty of opportunities so see amazing sights.

Our Approach


What started as a hobby 15+ years ago building custom graphics and websites, first for family related things, quickly evolved into building website for friends and colleagues and eventually, organizations and businesses.


I find I am inspired every day by my surroundings and keeping my camera close is the way I find a moving image. When I see something that catches my eye, I may not see the perfect picture in there, but know that there is something usable in that view. Usually that means take a numerous angles, views and perspectives, then sifting through them on my MacBook to find that one gem. I try to do as little editing on photos as possible and let the subject, lighting and perspective rule, but sometime a little cropping can do wonders. Equipment is important, but I find that between my DSLR and my iPhone, a stunning photo is always nearby.


Our Story